When we say “Delivering health to your community” we mean it. We know you have a lot of choices in where to fill your prescriptions, and most of them are big corporations whose rounding error is bigger than our gross annual sales. We can’t give away drugs in order to get you to walk past our tires, eggs and donuts, nor can we mail your drugs to you and trust the post office to get your critical prescriptions to you, not your mailbox. We try to do things that make a difference that you’ll find worthwhile. Things like RXSync that makes all your prescriptions come due on the same day. Or Hock’s Multipack™ which puts all your meds into daily doses so you don’t have to wonder if you took them at lunch- or not.

We go out of our way to try to help our customers find the lowest prices for meds, be it for generics, or by finding coupons and discounts that are available through so many different avenues. We want to make sure you get the best health for your dollar everyday.

We also know that our littlest customers will grow up to be our future customers. That’s why we offer free flavorings for kids meds, and free dosing spoons. These are the things you learn when you are a third generation pharmacist.

There are many ways we’re different than the big pharmacies, but the most important one, is that if you have a problem with a prescription, or an interaction with one of our staff, you can talk to me and I’ll make it right. Even though I’m not a Hock, I’ve grown up following his principles and practices and know that’s why we’re still here when so many others aren’t.

We have three pharmacies now, and the medical supply and equipment store. We deliver in a 25 mile radius of Vandalia. We hope to always be the alternative to the mega pharmacies, because, we believe that healthy communities are ones in which we all prosper.

Thank you-
Jeff Bartone